How often do I need to wash my clip in hair extensions?

Well that depends on how often you use them. As they don't sit directly on your scalp, they don't accumulate as much oil as your natural hair, so don't need to be washed as often. It's suggested that you only need to wash hair extensions approximately every 15th time you wear them (or when they start to smell or look greasy). Basically, you'll know! You don't need to wash them after you've used hair products on them either, normally you can just gently comb out the product and apply the styling products again the next time you style them. The less frequently you wash your hair extensions, and the more gentle you are with them, the longer they will last.

How do I wash my clip in hair extensions?

Follow these step by step instructions to ensure you're washing your clip in hair extensions in the most hair extension friendly way possible!

- You can wash each weft separately or to save time, bundle them up just like they were bundled when you first received them.

- Comb them gently from bottom to top (never the other way) with a wide toothed brush with soft tips, before washing.

- Fill a bowl with luke warm water with colour safe, sulphate and alcohol free, shampoo added to the water.

- Dunk your hair extensions up to the level of the clips and wash the hair gently with your fingers.

- Rinse in luke warm water.

- Generously apply colour safe, sulphate and alcohol free conditioner or leave-in conditioner and leave for as long as possible (preferably an hour but even better, leave them overnight if you can). As clip in hair extensions don't get the benefit of the oils produced from your scalp, they need extra TLC in the moisturising department!

- Rinse thoroughly in luke warm water until conditioner is completely rinsed out. 

- Give them a 5-10 sec rinse with super cold water to help seal the cuticles (just like they say to do with our own hair but we don't do it because it's rather unpleasant!)

- DON'T comb your hair extensions when wet! The hair is more elastic when wet and is more likely to stretch and/or break.

- Pat them or gently squeeze them dry with a microfibre towel and allow to air dry. Avoid using a hair drier unless you need to wear them straight away. Most of the time clip in hair extensions will be heat styled before wearing so its best to avoid heating them to dry them as well (to prevent drying out the hair).  

- Once dried (NOW you can comb them), you can add a little bit of hair oil to your hair extensions to keep them silky soft and shiny. 

- Always apply heat protectant products before heat styling and use the lowest heat where possible.

The minimum lifespan for hair extensions is 3-6 months (with very frequent usage and washing) but by being gentle with your clip in hair extensions and giving them some extra TLC, you can prolong their lifespan to 12 months or longer.

Happy Hair Days!