What are the LUSHIERE hair extensions product specifications?

All of our LUSHIERE clip in hair extension sets feature straight, superior quality 100% human REMY hair measuring 18" (46cm) in length which sits just below the bust. 

Our Oomph sets weigh approximately 80g and our Extra Oomph approximately 100g.

Both volumes contain a full set of eight pieces or wefts (two 8" wefts, two 6" wefts, two 4" wefts and two 2" wefts).  Please see photo below and the next section on how much volume to expect.

How much natural looking volume do LUSHIERE hair extensions create?

To give you an idea of the thickness of the Oomph bundle, when the set is tied together like a pony-tail, the circumference of the bundle is approximately 5.5cm. This is approximately the thickness of the average persons pony-tail ('thin' hair being 5cm and under).

Therefore, generally, one Oomph set will almost double the average hair thickness. 

An Extra Oomph set will create even more volume... about 25%-35% more volume on top of what an Oomph set provides.

This makes LUSHIERE hair extension sets ideal for adding natural looking volume which is why we like to call them hair enhancement sets.

We recommend having them trimmed to the length of your hair or a couple of inches longer than your natural hair to ensure they blend well.

If you have really thick hair (lucky you!) or very short hair or both, and length is primarily what you're after, you may require two sets.


These photos below show how clip in hair extensions can be used to add volume and density rather than length.


Brunette with long dark brown hair before wearing LUSHIERE clip in hair extensionsBrunette with long dark brown hair after wearing LUSHIERE clip in hair extensions

Deep Dark Brown #1C Oomph set

brunette woman with long brown hair wearing lushiere clip in hair extensions trimmed to blend with 16" length hair.brunette with long brown hair after shot wearing lushiere clip in hair extensions in oomph chocolate brown trimmed to 16" length

Chocolate Brown #2 Oomph set above has been trimmed to blend with 16" length hair.


What is REMY hair?

REMY hair extensions are made from hair that has been cut and then maintained in the same orientation so that the hair strands are all aligned in the same direction. This ensures they are silky smooth and prevents the hair from tangling. For this reason, the hair looks completely natural and also lasts longer. 

How do I install my clip in hair extensions?

It's super easy to install your clip in hair extensions and should only take a few minutes once you've had a bit of practise! 

First of all, open all of the clips of all the wefts/pieces you plan to use (by flexing/bending the clips) and arrange them separately within close reach.

TIP: If you plan on heat styling (eg. curling) your clip in hair extensions, heat style the pieces before clipping them in. 

Start by sectioning your hair horizontally just above your ears as though you're about to do a half-up/half-down hair style. Place the widest weft as close to the part as possible and secure them by bending the clips the opposite way (press the ends of the clips against your head).

TIP: If you have really fine, soft hair you can backcomb and spritz a little hair spray on each section before placing the clip to get a little extra grip.

Then move the horizontal section about 1" further up your head and secure the next widest weft. Keep going until you have used all the wefts you want to use.

Use the widest wefts at the back of your head and the narrower ones at the sides and top of your head.

TIP: Place the side wefts about a centimetre from your hair line to avoid the ends of them being seen! 

Why do you only offer 18" length hair extensions?

Great question! 18" is a very versatile and flattering length, sitting just below the bust. Not overly long, but long enough in most instances! The weight of LUSHIERE hair extension sets make them ideal for enhancing volume and actually were created for those with thin or average thickness hair wanting natural looking volume enhancement (and some length).

We encourage having them trimmed to the same length or slightly longer than your natural length to create a seamless, natural and blended look, and given that most women have shorter than 18" hair, 18" is an ideal starting length for many women. Finally, many hair extension companies, if only offering one length, will sell 20"-24", but these lengths are a lot more expensive and, as our aim is to provide high quality hair at affordable prices, offering only 18" allows us to do that and still accommodate for most women. 

How do I care for my clip in hair extensions?

Because your clip in hair extensions are made of real human hair, you care for them as you would your own hair. However as they don't accumulate as much oil as your natural hair, they don't need to be washed as often. We recommend washing hair extensions only when necessary and using high quality, colour-safe shampoo and conditioners. It is also recommended to allow them to air dry then heat style as you wish.  The more gentle you are with your extensions, the longer they will last. Leave in conditioners and heat protectant products will prolong the life of your hair extensions.

When brushing your clip in hair extensions, we recommend a wide toothed brush with soft tips and brushing starting from the ends and working your way up the length of the hair.

For step-by-step instructions for how to wash your hair extensions, check out our blog HOW TO WASH YOUR LUSHIERE CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS

How do I choose a colour that best suits my hair?

We recommend taking a picture of your hair in bright natural light then comparing the picture to the colour swatches on the individual product pages. Although there will be some variation, this will give you a pretty good idea. 

We also offer a free colour matching service so if you're not sure, send your pic to and we'll do our best to recommend a colour for you. Please bear in mind that although we make an extra special effort to ensure the pictures on our website reflect the true colour of the hair, due to variations in screens, lenses and lighting, there may be slight variation between the image and real life. 

Don't forget that the hair wefts will be clipped in underneath layers of your natural hair so it will only 'peek out' so it doesn't have to be an exact match. 

Our clip in hair extensions are also coloured using a multi-strand colouring system which means they are made up of a mixture of different coloured hair strands and so are not a single 'flat' colour. This ensures they blend more naturally with your own hair and appear more natural overall. 

As the hair can be coloured (see section below), if in doubt, choose a lighter colour so that you can have it coloured darker to match your shade (see below).

Can I colour my hair extensions?

As our LUSHIERE hair extension sets are made from real human hair, yes you can colour them but we recommend consulting an experienced colourist first and having it done professionally. We do not recommend dying them a lighter colour as this will require bleaching which may damage and shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions. We recommend dying a small piece first to ensure you're satisfied with the results before you dye the whole set. If you choose to dye your hair extensions, please note this is at your discretion and done at your own risk. 

If you're unsure about what colour you need, we recommend you purchasing a colour a shade lighter and then dying it darker.

Can I use heat to style my hair extensions?

Yes you can curl, straighten, and blow wave your hair extensions but we recommend you using a heat protectant product and using the lower heat settings if possible (120C/250F).

My hair extensions are shedding. Is this normal?

It is normal for your hair extension sets to shed a small amount of hair at the beginning but if you think it is excessive, please contact us at

How long will my hair extensions last?

The more gentle you are with your hair extensions, the longer they will last. They will usually last from 3-6 months up to a year or longer, depending on how frequently you use them and how you care for them. 

Can the wefts be sewn in?

Yes, many of our customers have removed the clips and had the wefts 'sewn in'. The clips can very easily be removed without causing damage to the stitching of the wefts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Apple Pay and PayPal payments. We also offer Afterpay.

What is your returns and refunds policy?

You're not happy? We're not happy! We happily accept returns and exchanges within 30 days.

As our products are personal use products, for hygiene and personal safety reasons we cannot accept any opened or unsealed items.*  For Eyelashes and Eyeliner, unfortunately we can't accept returns as they are unsealed items.

Please email us at to arrange your return or exchange and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that in relation to refunds (including cancellations prior to dispatch), there will be a refund handing fee of 10%. The cost of shipping (if Express Shipping was used) will also not be refunded. *

If the item is damaged, please report it to us within 7 calendar days of receiving your order and we will work with you to arrange a replacement. 

*Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Do you ship overseas?

At the moment, we only offer shipping within Australia.