Hair extensions = long hair. Right? Not necessarily. Hair extensions could just as easily be called Hair Plumpers or Hair Volumisers but it just doesn't have the same ring to it! They're the perfect solution for thin hair.

Until a few years ago, I'll be honest, the words 'Hair Extensions' brought to my mind, images of the entire female cast of Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex, WAGs at the Brownlows, etc - you're catchin' what I'm throwin' here. Waist length, as-thick-as-your-arm, Barbie hair. What I didn't know was that hair extensions could be used in a far more subtle way yet still have a big impact.

Here's how. By buying a lighter weight set (ie. under 85g for example) and having them trimmed to the length of your hair, you can achieve gorgeously luscious, natural looking volume that will have every one wondering what you just had done.  (For the average person, 85g will almost double your natural hair volume).

What I love about clip in hair extensions in particular is that I don't have to COMMIT. Both the time in the salon getting them installed and repositioned, or the expense, that comes with having other semi-permanent type hair extensions.

Here's the thing, as a mum of two very young boys, I spend a lot more time than I'd like, in my 'house clothes' with my thin hair thrown in a messy bun (not a cute messy bun, like an actual messy bun with weird wispy bits sticking out at the front, courtesy of the effects of childbirth, along with hair loss- yay!  Read here if you're curious to know why it happens). But when I do manage to get out (like 'out out' not the shops) I like to make a bit of an effort without spending too much time on the process - did I mention I have two boys under two? With my clip in hair extensions, I can put those babies in in no time (about 10 minutes with a bit of practice) and I'm swishing my hair like no-one's business. [To complete my no-fuss speed glam session, if I have an extra 10 mins spare, I'll also whip on some nail wraps for a complete salon worthy look. Hair and nails in under 20 mins? Done!]

Better yet, I can take the hair extensions OUT afterwards which means brushing and washing my hair like a normal person, and best of all, a comfortable, peaceful nights sleep (babies permitting)!

Given the amount of times I 'make an effort' these days, the investment of semi-permanent hair extensions (tape, sew ins, etc) would be completely wasted on me anyway! It also means my clip in hair extensions last a gazillion times longer than their predicted life span (approximately 3-6 months) AND I rarely need to wash them (win win)! I would recommend however, if you're going to purchase lighter weight hair extensions, make sure you're buying superior quality so they do last longer (they'll look better too). The great thing is, because they're not as thick, they'll be loads cheaper anyway so you might as well spend the money on quality.

There are so many other benefits of having lighter weight clip in hair extensions which I won't babble on about now but you can read about them here

So not only can I get gorgeous thick hair pretty much instantly, I can wear them as often or as little as I like and they look so natural, no one can tell I've had a little help (total Maybelline moment)! For me, subtle, understated beauty outshines 'in your face' every time. An added bonus is, it usually also the effect of fresh youthfulness and who's not on board for that!?!