Short hair does not suit me.

Not one bit.

I once cut my hair to above my shoulders in my late teens and I'm still haunted by the photographic evidence at my parents house (displayed proudly in the main room unfortunately). Long hair all the way for me since then!

I have no idea what my face shape is - square, round, oval, pear ;) all of the above - anyway whatever it is, short hair just does not suit my head.

Unfortunately, the problem I now face is, as I've gotten a little older and my hair has become thinner, long and limp isn't a great look for me either!! When I was pregnant, it was sooo gloriously luscious and amazonian, and then the postpartum alopecia set in, and it's now long, scraggly and wispy.

I seriously look like a witch. (My family probably think I behave like one too somedays but hey ho, having a 5 month old and a toddler kinda does that to you ok!?? :D )

So in order to get around this hair dilemma, I've had to just plump my locks as much as I possibly can. To do this, I'm doing a few things which I find is helping ...

  • Feed your hair from the inside. I try and eat as healthily as possible aiming for a plant based diet at least 50% of the time and take vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D and calcium supplements as well as probiotics

  • I try and exercise most days (even if this is just pushing my two boys in a double pram up a hill to the shops for milk - let's be honest, that's the best I can manage at the moment!) and get as much sleep as my boys allow me!

  • I use volumising shampoos, conditioners and hair products 

  • I wear my hair in it's natural state (wavy/curly) most of the time - more out of being time-poor than anything else to be honest! This obviously gives the illusion of volume but also means I'm not weakening it by heat styling it all the time

  • I have a great hairdresser that cuts it in such a way to maximise 'lift' where I need it the most.

    • And sometimes I just gotta fake it! I LOVE my clip in hair extensions!! I don't use them for length, purely for volume. I only need to use an 85g set and that's enough to almost double my hair density which gives me super natural looking volume. Ahmazing. I honestly feel like I've stepped out of a salon every time I wear them and so many people comment on my hair and are surprised when I tell them I'm wearing extensions because they look so natural.  What I love about clip in hair extensions is that I can choose how often I wear them so I don't have all the maintenance and expense that comes with wearing permanent hair extensions. Hats off to the mums that do but for me, temporary clip ins are the way to go. I'm a low maintenance kinda girl anyway! 

I figure I'll eventually reach an age where I'll have to part with my long hair (no pun intended) but until then, I'm gonna rock out long locks while I still can and I'll take whatever help I can get!